I had contacted Jim & Justine at Wholesale Insulation to provide me some pricing on putting insulation into our attic and roof area. I knew we needed to do something as we have been in the house for 21 years and this was never addressed. I ended up having 3 different companies out to bid and here is why I chose Jim and Justine.

When I contacted them Justine was very accommodating and easy to work with on the phone. We set an appointment and I will tell you that promptness is important to me. For the inspection, and insulation day these two showed up 10 minutes early and ready to go. It didn’t take long for me to recognize this was the company to work with.

Jim’s knowledge of insulation, the different types, and best practices quickly made them the front runner. Their overall knowledge of the building and construction trades gave me further confidence. He inspected our attic, and not only provided the lowest bid of the three companies, but also took the time to talk with us and tell us what we should do and why. He was much more thorough than the others, and seemed to be generally interested in making sure we did it right.  

I would easily recommend Jim and Justine of Wholesale Insulation to anyone in need of this type of work!

Dennis Torpy

Working with Wholesale Insulation went very well. I called for an initial quote, Jim came out shortly thereafter, and I had a quote the same day he came out. I had a number of questions, which Jim and Justine answered in a very timely manner. The project was executed as expected, the only deviation was the three fire boxes. Jim explained the need for the fire boxes around the recessed lights, which I appreciated, as I had no knowledge on the subject. What I especially appreciated with Wholesale was that they aren't going to sell you a good or service if you don't need it. I mentioned a couple of things that were brought to my attention by other companies that may be needed, and after looking through the attic again, Jim said I just didn't need it.....he could have done it for me and charged me, but there was little to no benefit in doing it. Overall, great experience with Wholesale, and I'd recommend you give them a call if you have any insulation needs at your home.
Description of work:
Blew in insulation to attic, re-attached ductwork from bathroom fans, installed three fire boxes around recessed lights, air sealed chimney, installed batt insulation around skylights

Dean Turtenwald

Excellent service from quote to completion. Found items that were needed (can lights had insulation laying on top of them) and gave advise on what was needed. Did full project as quoted (no surprises) and cleaned up completely when done. Would recommend them to anyone and would use them again.

Dave Brittain

Absolutely great!

Lisa Derus

Jim was a pleasure to work with. He was able to come out and inspect the work we wanted done within a day of our calling. He clearly communicated what he was going to do and why. He was willing to work within my budget to keep cost to a minimum without sacrificing the overall job. Jim took care of some exposed nails on the roof that he found. I watched his method for dense packing walls and am convinced that he was able to fill the wall completely with insulation. He patched all the holes when complete and cleaned up! I found him to be very conscientious and thorough. He certainly wanted to make sure that we were happy with the work being done. Highly recommend them.

Keith Seal

Contractor showed up on time, was ready to start as soon as he arrived. he had to access the attic thru the access panel in my hallway and made sure he laid down drop clothes to protect my carpet. he completed the job early. also wore booties over his shoes when going back out to his truck for tools. I would recommend him to everybody.
Description Of Work: new venting in soffits, new roof vents and more blown in insulation

Margaret Wansor

I called Jim for an estimate and he came at my convenience the following day. He arrived promptly and took me and my husband through the house describing what and how he would rectify our problems. He gave us several choices based on what was important to us. We set a date for the work to done, and between he and his wife, they got it done in about 4 hours. Since he had to crawl into small spaces to blow in the insulation materials, he took pictures to show us what he'd done. He was respectful of our home, bringing along shoe covers for wet feet. We were happy with the whole process and would have no problem giving him a recommendation.

Michael Reuter

Jim insulated our exterior walls, added more insulation in our attic, airsealed the chimney and stacks, installed three fireboxes above ceiling lights, put foam in sill boxes and then R-13 over that, and put in many vent chutes in the attic. He had originally quoted about $3200, but because he didn't use as much insulation, we paid $300 less. Many contactors would charge, but I was impressed by Jim's honesty. A few days later, I noticed some insulation had come out of soffit vents and called Jim. (Our house didn't have the proper vents in the soffit and I was having a company come to properly install vents, etc.) At no charge, Jim cut 15-20 vents in the soffits for free and made sure all insulation was not in soffits so house would have proper airflow! I've used Jim before and am so impressed with Jim's honesty and work ethic, that I am having him do some insulating at our house. HIs price was excellent, his work was fabulous, and his customer service went beyond the call of duty.
Description Of Work: Insulated exterior walls, attic, box sills, and more.

James Bauer

Added attic insulation from r14 to r50,(1500 sq ft ranch) installed additional roof venting and ducts for kitchen and bath fans. Air sealed chimneys, and tar sealed one that flashing was leaking on(N/C) Arrived on time, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Absolutely recommend.

Cynthia Zeckmeister

The existing insulation on exterior wall where the basement meets the first floor was removed and replaced- the clean up was so good you would not know anyone had been there except to see the fantastic work.
Description Of Work: Replacement of insulation of basement storage area.

Cynthia Johnson

Jim and Justine did a fantastic job. Their pricing was competitive but more important, their communication and job performance was excellent. Jim made us comfortable with his knowledge during the survey and Justine answered our emails very quickly. Jim arrived promptly on the scheduled date and after touching base with us, he began the work and didn't stop until all was completed. Justine showed up a bit later with the insulation and assisted Jim with that portion of work. We are very satisfied with the outcome and have noticed a difference with maintaining desired temperatures throughout the home with the added insulation. We strongly recommend Wholesale Insulation Distributors/Installers and will use their service again when needed.

Glenn Simonsen


They called the day before to remind us of the appointment and time they would come. They arrived at exactly the time they told us. He began working right away and kept us informed of the progress as the day went along. He obviously knew exactly what he was doing and did an excellent job. He cleaned up very nicely after himself and no further cleaning was needed after he left. The work was completed in one day. I would enthusiastically recommend this company to anyone.
Description Of Work: Insulated sill boxes with foam and fiberglass insulation. Added cellulose insulation to attic.

Steve Kossel


Sealed all box sills and cantalevered areas in the basement & filled w/ insulation. installed vents and blew in additional insulation in the attics. | |installation went according to the expectations they set. results were very noticeable. our house is much less drafty and is much warmer.

Richard Browne

Excellent. They did a lot of things that I don't think a lot of people would do. They took the connections to the roof, three vent pipes, that they redid and sealed. They put fire boxes around the ceiling lights. He wore booties without being asked. They're clean and price is very fair.
Description Of Work: Insulated the attic

Daniel Leep


Comments: It went very well. They were very knowledgeable, thorough in his inspection before the quote, and extremely responsive to all my questions. He was very neat and tidy in our home.
Description Of Work: They installed insulation in my attic to avoid ice damming


Comments: Good, quick, fair and have no problems to report.
Description Of Work: Insulate floor in the family room.


Insulated attic to R60 plus, packing around perimeter to help solve ice dam problems on roof. Also, sealed around chimney where much heat was lost. Scheduled appt. in advance, called the week before giving notice of arrival, showed up on time and completed job in timely manner. After asking me to inspect the work, they cleaned everything up and offered suggestions to help resolve future problems (more attic ventilation - which I've been told before). Jim has a great personality and is very professional. Justine, who answers the phone whenever I call, is very courteous and responsive. I will recommend this group in the future.
Description Of Work: Insulated attic.

Belle Bergner

Jim and his family are exceptionally hard-working and dedicated people. This was a very hard job and they plowed through it. Excellent work in every respect. We are extremely satisfied with the work done by Wholesale Insulation.
Description Of Work: Insulated exterior walls in a large 3-story house, sealed attic and insulated it.

Mary Beth & Bob Smith


Jim set up an appointment for the estimate right away and arrived at the appointed time. On the scheduled work day, they showed up at the designated time first thing in the morning. 3 hours later, the work was complete. There was very little interruption to the house and care was taken to cover carpeting on the steps for the tubing. Besides insulating the attic, they airsealed as needed, sprayed bleach solution on some mold, installed fireboxes over recessed lights, installed roof caps, stuffed rafter bays and sealed shower walls. Jim was very informative and extremely pleasant to work with!
Description Of Work: Insulated entire attic. Installed fireboxes.


Jim and Justine were very easy to work with. Jim spent a good amount of time during the estimate to give me a couple of options and said it would take 1 to 1 1/2 days. He finished the work in 1 day and exactly on budget. They were prompt and responsive, and I will not hesitate to call Wholesale Insulation again for my next insulation project. I've already seen a return on this home investment in reduced utility bills.


Communication with both Justine and Jim was excellent. Jim came to our house, looked it over and listened to what we wanted. He explained our options and soon sent us an estimate. When he came on the scheduled day, he and his son got right to work. I showed Jim our laundry room, which I hadn't done before, and asked if there was anything he could do there to make it warmer. He actually did $150 of work there that day and did not charge me for it as he said he was using less material than he had thought he might. Then my husband spoke to him about the attic. (Previously we were only having him insulate the walls.) When Jim found out that all of the insulation in our attic was in the middle, with nothing near the exterior walls, we asked him if he could fix that too. He actually stayed that very day, completed the attic insulation and let us know that our bathroom fan was only venting into the attic, not to the outside. When we asked him if he could fix that too, he agreed. He did not even charge us to install vent chutes (whatever those are!)!! What a class act Jim Leiner is. I'm so impressed with his professionalism, his honesty, his friendliness, and his knowledge of what he does. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.


So nice and refreshing to deal with an honest and reliable contractor who does quality work!! Ongoing issues over 2-3 years with my roof & attic after being scammed by a roofer whose lack of ventilation created a small mold problem, and then given the runaround from Home Depot and their fragmented sub-contractor network. Jim came in and told me what I needed, what I didn't need, and delivered in a timely manner. Great guy and he was accommodating to my more inflexible schedule. Work was done on morning of 12/9/16. Our 2nd story, where our bedrooms and a bathroom are, seemed like it was at least 5-7 degrees warmer by that night. The difference continues to be felt this morning when we woke up to a 20 degree day. So glad our ordeal is over and we have the peace of mind knowing a true professional helped get us over the finish line. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!